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Sim Only for internationals

Tailored subscriptions by College Life & Youfone

Super fast 4G internet
In collaboration with College Life, we offer very well priced Sim Only subscriptions for internationals. Youfone uses the reliable premium KPN-network to ensure the best connection in the whole of the Netherlands and superfast 4G internet. This way you can go wild on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify!

Super easily arranged 
Compose your Sim Only in just a few minutes on our website. You can easily choose the amount of minutes and data that suits you. We offer subscriptions for the duration of a month, a year and two years – giving you the option the choose between more flexibility, or a lower price per month.

Free number retention
Retaining your current phone number is free of charge. If you want to retain your number, please make sure your current contract duration expires within 6 months. If you are contract-free or have a prepaid we can arrange it immediately. Note: this only applies to Dutch mobile phone numbers (+316 …). 

Check these deals
1 GB & 200 MINUTES/SMS €6,- P/M >>
8 GB & 200 MINUTES/SMS €9,50- P/M >>
12 GB & 200 MINUTES/SMS €12,50 P/M >>

Translate orderflow to English

Note: open the orderflow in Google Chrome and activate the translator in the upper right corner.


Stay in control with MyYoufone

MyYoufone enables you to check your invoices and usage online via the website or App. You can activate extra bundles or modules as well.

Activate usage limitation
Furthermore, you can prevent extra charges outside of your bundle by activating the so-called call ceiling, or data ceiling, or both. 

Free Youfone app 
Download the free Youfone app to manage your subscription via your smartphone or tablet for Android or iOS.



Do I need a Dutch bank account number?
Yes, you need a Dutch bank account number to sign up for a Sim Only subscription. During your sign up you need to verify your account through an iDeal transaction, and iDeal only works with Dutch bank account numbers.

Can I use my internet connection inside the EU?
The minutes and MB’s of your bundle can be used everywhere within the EU. To see the full list of countries, click here.

Can I use my internet connection outside the EU?
Outside the EU, calling, texting and using the internet are always outside your bundle and Youfone will charge you for that usage.

How do I set a usage limit?
Avoid unexpected charges and set a limit for using the internet outside the EU in MyYoufone. You can also completely disable data usage outside the EU. Current rates for calling, receiving calls, text messages and data usage can be found here.

How to prevent unexpected costs abroad? 
Do you want to prevent out-of-bundle charges abroad? When you order a Sim Only subscription internet usage outside the EU is already disabled by default. A complete block for internet usage outside of the Netherlands is also possible through MyYoufone.

Making student & graduate life easier
College Life & Youfone have teamed up to simplify your life with tailored sim only subscriptions. With low monthly rates & an extremely fast 4G KPN-network, you will have no trouble binge-watching your favourite show on the road. Select one of our plans fit for your monthly usage needs and get started immediately. 

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    Sim Only geldig in EU
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    Gratis nummerbehoud
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    Betrouwbaar netwerk
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    Gratis klantenservice
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    14 dagen bedenktijd